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Author Bonnie Taylor delivers big with the third book in the Not Forgotten paranormal series Zac's Guitar!

Zac’s Guitar combines paranormal and fantasy elements in an epic tale of a young boy whose life is changed when he gains ownership of an enchanted guitar. When Zac discovers the “magic melody” he and others are transported to another dimension where the sick can be cured and the lost can find peace but danger is lurking in this realm and the Highgate Paranormal Research Society must protect Zac while restoring the balance between good and evil.

Meet Zac

Zac Morris is a preteen about to move in to junior high school. While most kids would be in a hurry to grow up, Zac is disappointed with reality. He misses the magic of Santa and the Easter Bunny. He wishes that he could be scared by a ghost story or be hopeful that dreams can come true.

Zac has recently joined the school band and is learning to play the guitar. Zac has two best friends, Adam, a joke cracking mess of a boy and Billy, the more rational thinker of the group.

The mysterious blind woman
It's community yard sale day in Easton, Pennsylvania and Zac escorts his mother through the neighborhood. They are surprised to see that Mrs. Dean, a recluse rumored to be a witch, is participating this year. As Zac enters her yard, he spies a guitar shimmering in the sunlight. Sensing his interest, Mrs. Dean offers it to him as a gift.

The Guitar
String Theory tells us that all things in the Universe are connected by vibrations and those vibrations travel the length of a string.
When Zac plays the "right" melody, his guitar can open a portal to another dimension, The dimension at the other end of the string.

The Highgate Paranormal Research Society
When Zac opens the portal, he draws the attention of a dark force. This force wants to infect all who travel through the portal with pain and suffering. Despite warning, Zac enters the realm in order to help a friend. The Highgate Paranormal Research Society is called in to try to save the boy who defies the darkness.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 14
Bonnie Taylor
Smashwords, Inc.

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