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Winner "iPhone Apps Excellence Award for 2008" (iPhonefootprint.com)!

The ultimate iPhone calling card/IDD dialing application - save money when calling contacts from your iPhone by using one or more cards or carrier prefixes to get the best rates - even have the application automatically select the best card for you based on the selected number. Save money on all your international calls using the most popular calling card application for the iPhone. The application can also be used to route calls through a PBX system (no actual calling card required) or for Skype To Go calls.

Main features:
• Set up multiple phone/calling card accounts and easily switch between them - support for multiple access numbers per card.
• Automatic card selection based on contact and/or number prefix.
• Set up a list of favorite numbers to dial, select any number from your contacts, call a number from the recent calls placed from the application, or directly enter a phone number to be dialed.
• Full support for international prefixes (numbers starting with '+').
• Flexible call details setup allows for automatic dialing of most phone cards even if intermediate menu selections have to be made.
• Display local time for contact to be called (time zone lookup based on the phone number) - support for all international numbers.
• Card definitions can be shared between different devices via simple email export/import.

NOTE: Some cards might not work 100% as the application cannot support dialing "#" or "*".


版本 2.1

• Updated application to fully support the latest version of iOs
   (note - the minimum version of iOS required for the application is now iOS 9)
• Add support for iPhone X
• Fix various UI issues related to contact selection
• Various stability improvements

By the way, AppStore reviews are very helpful to us. If you like Calling Card, we would greatly appreciate if you could take a few minutes and leave a nice review. Thanks for using Calling Card!



Willie Vu

1. When create multiple access numbers with description, the app crashes a lot.
2. If call history can match the numbers back to the contact names, it will be great.
3. Default card setting depends on which country I am in and what SIM card I use.

One application fits all

Alan Chan

As a frequent traveller, this is a dreamed calling card application. It's well thought and designed. It covers all situations that I've encountered so far. It doesn't matter if I use a calling card that requires complex dialing sequence (overseas to local), simple prefix to route different low cost carrier (local to overseas) or another prefix for another carrier but have local country code removed (local to other cities), it all works flawlessly.

If you call China often (using simple prefix), travel frequently to China (using simple prefix to call HK or other long-distant China cities) and other overseas countries (using calling card requires complex dialing sequence), you will find this application indispensable.



This software is good. Better to support some prefix/suffix like # and *


Andreas Amann
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需要 iOS 9.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone 相容。
分級為 4+
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