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重點功能簡介 :
1 智能主頁
- 當收藏上車站位於附近時,優先顯示收藏站到站時間。上班時,顯示上班路線到站時間,回家時,顯示回家路線到站時間。
2 顯示行車時間
- 進入「車程」顯示前往各站的預算行車時間。
3 顯示附近到站時間
- 按地圖上的巴士站,顯示該站附近其他路線的到站時間。
4 收藏地方
- 搜尋由當前位置前往收藏地方的路線。
5 收藏上車站
- 直接顯示常用路線的到站時間。
6 智能路線輸入
- 輸入路線時篩選有效號碼及字母。
7 計算八達通轉乘優惠
- 點對點路線搜尋結果中即時計算出八達通轉乘優惠。
8 即時對話
- 以文字方式與服務主任溝通。

備註 : 會增加電池用量


版本 1.3.0

車程時間 一目了然
- 進入「車程」再按目的地車站,顯示預算行車時間。


1.6(滿分 5 分)

2.9K 則評分

2.9K 則評分

Tuning in Effeniency

Edmund Leungs

I am not sure how the architecture of the system is, that is probably GPS signal from the bus informs the server where it is so that the server calculate the ETA. Understanding that the ETA might be inaccurate due to the traffic condition, would suggest if it is possible to include some more data in your algorithm, like the traffic jam (where I suppose those information is available for we could see on Google Map). I think it might help to improve the accuracy.

Another improvement I would suggest is the server capacity (i assume your system uses simple server-client based model), as sometimes (not peak hour I suppose) the signal is off and no information is shown.

Lastly, I suggest to fine tune the network IO of the app, thanks.

Do not update to latest version. It gives you video ads.


When an app like this is so inaccurate you just do not want to use it. You can probably just use it to check routes but real-time bus information is so unreliable.

I can say that one particular route it is incredibly consistent in being inaccurate is 98D. You check the time at home, go to the bus stop thinking you have at least 5 mins buffer it turns out you just see the bus go and you have to wait 12 mins for the next bus. This has happened more than 3 times now. Updated to the latest version which has not improved accuracy at all but has just gifted us with ads, ads and more yay video ads. Terrible that this company forces video ads on us.

The Worst Transportation App Experience


As a public utility, it always confuses me why would KMB would insert advertisement anytime when you open the application. It’s easily mis-clicked. I understand it’s part of income but can you not using the whole screen. It’s really annoying and you have to wait decent time before you actually use the application.

The search engine is not user-friendly as well. Whenever you search by location, it shows some weird routes and when you click into a particular bus line, it can’t show the whole route of the bus line. You have to go back to main page and type in the bus number. That’s really dumb.

The inbuilt map doesn’t corporate with google map. The information of the inbuilt map is very insufficient, like you can’t search a single building but you have to type in the street(or even region). That should be done cause even google map can do it.

The map on above also so stupid. It has a fixed size and you can’t enlarger it to full screen.

The accuracy of the time estimation is also doubtable. It has like only 50%.


The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited
51.3 MB
需要 iOS 8.1 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。
分級為 4+
此 App 即使在未開啟時仍可能會使用您的位置資訊,這會縮短電池續航力。
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