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完成學習首17個單字後, 會出現由同一或多個章節內的單字組成的5個「複合字」。許多中文詞彙皆由「複合字」組成, 而將中文單字複合組成詞彙, 就像砌圖般既刺激又好玩。

Updated with audio in English, French & Spanish, enjoy the multilingual learning experience! We appreciate if you could leave your reviews which will make us better developer. Thank you all.

Learn chinese and master it with easy chinese writing, simplified - i write chinese is an app designed to show users how to write Chinese characters stroke by stroke and direction by direction. The app is suitable for any beginners from kids to any age who is new to Chinese learning as well as for those who want to enhance their Chinese-writing techniques.

Each character is displayed with the phonetic “pin yin” system with audio and its equivalent in three languages -- English, French and Spanish also updated translations with audio.

The application features 2 versions of Chinese characters: Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore. Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan and by overseas Chinese.

By displaying the “radical” of the character in a different color (yellow) you will discover how the Chinese character is constructed. A Chinese radical is the basic component of every Chinese character. Occasionally, there are alternate forms of radicals and pin yin, which are indicated in grey.

Characters in this app are grouped into 12 categories, making it easy for learners to associate the various vocabularies of the same theme. Each category contains 17 single characters, which, upon the completion of the first 17 single characters, you will find five samples of “compound words” based on single characters of the same category or within all 12 categories.

There are a total of 205 single characters in easy chinese writing - i write chinese app and 70 examples of compound words. But these 205 single characters can create and use many more compound words. easy chinese writing - i write chinese app is here to help you learn how to write Chinese in a simple and fun way also shows how to maximize compound words. Many Chinese vocabularies are made up of “compound word” and composing Chinese characters can be experienced as a puzzle game, stimulating and fun.

日 (rì: day, sun) + 生 (shēng: birth) = 星 (xīng: star)

Categories (each category has 17 single characters & 5 compound words):
Free app categories:
1. Numbers - 1 to 10, 100, how many, etc
2. Nature – sun, moon, sky, etc

Paid app categories:
3. Size – small, big…
4. Family – mother, father…
5. Direction – up, down…
6. People – he, she…
7. Food – rice, meat…
8. Transportation – car, door…
9. Color – white, pretty…
10. Fruits –banana, tasty…
11. Body – eye, listen…
12. Weather – rain, snow…


版本 2.0.1

Fixed bug problem (audio)


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