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Drum Keys

開發者:Savraj Dhanjal

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Limited time sale!

Drum Keys turns your Mac's keyboard into a 61 instrument drum pad. This app is fun for the beginner as well as the seasoned drummer! This app makes it easy to quickly tap out a beat.

* Customize Key Assignments
* Key Assignments Saved Between Sessions
* Mouse click to play instruments, too

NOTE: If you're looking for more features, you might want to check out Beatrix, another app we make!

We always benefit greatly from user feedback and direction, so feel free to email us at

Thank you for your kindness and support, and happy drumming!


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Drum Keys
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  • HK$ 38.00
  • 類別: 音樂
  • 發行日期:
  • 版本: 1.0
  • 大小: 3.4 MB
  • 語言: 英語
  • 開發人員:

相容性: OS X 10.4.0 或以上版本