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香港 - The Continental,JW 咖啡室@ 香港JW萬豪酒店,PizzaExpress,飲茶YUM CHA,The Coffee Academics,Greyhound, HABITŪ table
曼谷 - Godiva, Kyochon, Chu Chocolate Bar, Outback Steakhouse, Jamie's Italian, Feast @ Royal Orchid Sheraton, Atelier @ Pullman, River Café Terrace @ The Peninsula, Zeta @ Holiday Inn
新加坡 - Morganfield’s, Crystal Jade Kitchen, Harry’s, Pho Street, Yoogane, Swensen’s, Suki-Ya, Marriott Cafe @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, PastaMania
吉隆坡 - Lemon Garden @ Shangri-La, Cinnamon Coffee House @ One World Hotel, The Mill Cafe @ Grand Millennium, Rocku Yakiniku, Yoogane Dak Galbi, 300 @ Uptown, The Last Word @ Telawi
孟買- Mezzo Veg Lounge, Angrezi Dhaba The Wholesale Theka @ Nakshatra Mall Dadar, Pot Pourri @ Chembur, Jyran @ Sofitel BKC
浦那 – Aufside, Barbeque Village, Falak, Cafe 1730, Eighty Eight @ Hyatt, TJ's Brew Works, Kitsch – The O Hotel
菲律賓– Heat @ Edsa Shangri-la, The Pantry @ Dusit Thani Manila, The Cafe @ Hyatt City of Dreams, Ramen Nagi, Barcino, Pancake House, VENGO, Banh Mi Kitchen, Cafe Mediterranean, Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen
雅加達 - Gyu-Kaku Prime @ Plaza Indonesia, Pasola @ The Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place, Lewis & Carroll @ Blok M, Le Gran Cafe @ Gran Mahakam, Ramen 38 Sanpachi, Amigos, Seorae, Hong Tang, Amigos Bar & Cantina, Sunny Side Up


eatigo目前在香港、泰國 、新加坡、馬來西亞、印度和菲律賓六個國家及地區營運 - 擁有超過4,500間餐廳,從休閒餐廳到五星級酒店自助餐,應有盡有。什麼時候可以預訂?任何時候。如果您被餐廳的香味吸引,或是為一個餡餅垂涎欲滴,您便可以通過eatigo,在用餐前15分鐘訂座,並立即收到確認。


- 多功能搜索工具,可助您輕鬆根據您的位置,餐廳情況及您的喜好,預訂最佳餐廳折扣
- 根據受歡迎程度瀏覽餐廳,可清楚搜尋到城中最熱門及受追捧的餐廳。
- 您亦可通過我們的推介,以及使用“Here & Now”工具,為您帶來最優惠的用餐體驗。
- 可輕鬆管理您的訂座,個人資料及喜愛的餐廳。
- 可在通知中心隨時查看預訂通知,最新博客和eatigo的最新促銷活動。
- 您可根據位置來搜尋餐廳,如銅鑼灣,灣仔,尖沙咀,旺角,九龍城,元朗等等


版本 4.5.1

- 您可通過類別及搜索結果中新增的“地圖”輕鬆查看附近的餐廳
- 您可通過新增的“聯絡我們”功能直接與我們聯絡,以便更好地為您服務
- 與往常一樣,我們已修復大量程序問題


4.2 滿分 5 粒星
971 則評分
971 則評分
No one cares who I am anyway


Made a reservation through Eatigo at a cafe in Quarry Bay on 27 Feb 2019 and was informed the cafe in fact does not take reservations for lunch hours (12-2 pm). The cafe apologised and said they were contacting Eatigo to rectify the issue. It was fine, and I made alternative lunch plans.

However, later that afternoon, it was shown on the app that I missed the reservation, and I was informed no additional reservations would be accepted should I “miss” two more reservations. My “absence” was in fact a consequence of a miscommunication problem between the cafe and Eatigo - why should customers bear the responsibility? I immediately wrote a feedback to Eatigo that evening, requesting Eatigo to investigate the issue. No one followed up on the case and no replies were received until now, despite Eatigo promised to respond within 24 hours.

Simply disappointed at Eatigo’s service and the non-responsiveness to customer feedback. Had no choice but giving a low rating. Agreed with some of the users - don’t ask me to write e-mails as I couldn’t receive any proper response.


Hello eatigo user, our team is sorry for your unpleasant experience with eatigo. Due to the high amount of incoming emails and calls, it takes longer time for us to handle the cases, our team will reply your email as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

one of eatigo user

Being cheated by some restaurants and eatigo

1. My poor rating and comments did not shown in the review (may be hidden by merchants) that customers cannot get a fair view, which means review function is meaningless.
2. The comments as shown in app and website are not consistent.
3. Some restaurants, such as “I’m Nuts”, even presented another menu to eatigo users which is higher price and less choice than their regular menu, complained to eatigo through email before but no improvement seen.
4. When you order some expensive dishes, the restaurants will simply tell you it’s sold out, but you can see them serving to their regular customers afterwards, which is not honest but still, emailed eatigo to complaint but no significant improvement was made. “Beanswork” is one of the examples.
5. Made the reservation but the restaurant is not in operation when we arrived! What a big surprise!
6. Made the reservation one month before for Christmas in Central with discount offered but the restaurant called until one day before the dining date and said they don’t offer discount in Christmas, and asked us to cancel the reservation by ourselves! What a big joke!

Please don’t ask me to email eatigo for details, I have done this many times already but no improvement made, very disappointed.


Hello eatigo user, our team has been investigating with I’m Nuts and Beanswork for service improvement. We are always grateful to receive feedback from our users on the ground to help us further improve to better serve you. All user feedback is passed along to our restaurants so that they are aware of them and can improve. On our end, we do also monitor the feedback we receive from our users and will personally highlight serious or frequent issues to the restaurant for their follow-up. In extreme cases, we have even discontinued partnerships with restaurants if they are found to not be operating at a reasonable standard to protect the interests of our users. Thank you again for your valuable feedback and making eatigo better.


Best Restaurant App Ever

I’ve used the app for quite a while and I’m finding new great restaurants with big discounts nearby my district. I recently referred this app to 3 of my friends and I earned 600 points because of the Double Up July event, I claimed a 50$x2 cash coupon for Starbucks. 1 week has passed and I still have not received it. Although, it does say that “Within 2 Weeks, you will get your prize”. In my opinion I believe that this is a great app, not only do you get discounts on restaurants for up to 50% off, but you also get to claim real money prizes by referring it to people you know. I’d recommend downloading this app even if you aren’t a big fan of eating, because this app can always be handy! 🤗👏👍👌


Hi Flawless_Legend, thank you for your support. If you still have not received your voucher redemption email, could you please provide your user email to support.hk@eatigo.com? Our team will be happy to follow up.


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需要 iOS 10.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。



您必須年滿 17 歲才能下載此 App。
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