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OH! Yomitan: Yomitan's Multilingual Tourism App

開發者:株式会社 琉球ネットワークサービス

此 App 只在 iOS 裝置的 App Store 提供。


The Most Populated Village in Japan! Multilingual Tourism App for Yomitan, Okinawa

Yomitan, Okinawa is filled with plenty of old Okinawan charm and known for its traditional pottery, yachimun, attracting a large number of tourists each year. It was officially recognized as the most populated Japanese village in January, 2014 and continues to exhibit prospects of promising growth. OH! Yomitan allows users to discover what Yomitan has to offer with a wealth of information on local tourist attractions.

What You Can Do with OH! Yomitan

Abundant information on tourism in Yomitan
You will receive an abundant stream of information on tourism in Yomitan. From dining and shopping to, of course, information on hotels, marine leisure, tourist attractions, cultural experiences, and beaches, OH! Yomitan has a lot to offer! Filter searches by category to find your destinations more quickly.

Displayed on a map! Find the location at a glance!
The information is displayed on a map, so you can find the location at a glance. It is just as easy to find tourist attractions near your current location.

You can find a sightseeing itinerary that suits you!
OH! Yomitan has sightseeing itineraries with recommended sites to visit around Yomitan, including the "Trip to Experience the Traditional Arts of Yomitan" and "Experience the Old Ryukyuan Charm! A Drive around Yomitan." The itinerary is visible on a map as well, so you can enjoy your trip without the worries of getting lost.

Easily find ATMs and places to exchange currencies!
You can also locate ATMs and places to exchange currencies on a map in case you run low on cash at your destination.

Available in 5 languages!
OH! Yomitan is available in five languages, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese, allowing foreign tourists to read site descriptions in more detail along with pictures.

Recommended for those who:
- want to enjoy traveling in Okinawa more;
- want to engage in what Yomitan has to offer;
- want a wide range of tourist information on Okinawa, from popular spots to hidden gems.

OH! Yomitan Website:

1.1.1 版本的新內容

- Updated "About this app" page.


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OH! Yomitan: Yomitan's Multilingual Tourism App
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此 App 專為 iPhone 和 iPad 設計
  • 免費
  • 類別: 旅遊
  • 更新日期:
  • 版本: 1.1.1
  • 大小: 9.6 MB
  • 語言: 日語, 簡體中文, 繁體中文, 英語, 韓語
  • 開發人員:

相容性: 需要 iOS 8.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G、iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (第 3 代)、iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (第 4 代)、iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular、iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular、iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular、iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular、iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular、iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Cellular、12.9 吋 iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular、9.7 吋 iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular、iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (第 5 代)、12.9 吋 iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular (第 2 代) 及 10.5 吋 iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular 相容。