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此 App 只在 iOS 裝置的 App Store 提供。


myTV is already moved to myTV SUPER! Action now to enjoy more upgraded services including:
- 3 hours time shift function
- More update and trendy content

myTV 已經搬左去myTV SUPER喇!立即行動,享受更多升級服務啦!
- 3小時回看功能
- 更多更新更潮內容

4.1.2 版本的新內容

Bug fixes and performance improvement


iPhone 螢幕快照 1
iPhone 螢幕快照 2
iPhone 螢幕快照 3
iPhone 螢幕快照 4
iPhone 螢幕快照 5
iPad 螢幕快照 1
iPad 螢幕快照 2
iPad 螢幕快照 3
iPad 螢幕快照 4
iPad 螢幕快照 5


This app reflects bad management of the company

Have you ever thought how the app can work best from customer perspective? Together with your new app. These apps reflected how bad the management is running the company. If you don't have the experience to manage the app or the company, please just quit and let others who can manage to do a better job.

super annoying to ad mytv super

Every time when you turn on this app, the long and annoying advertising of mytv super cannot skip. It's no use to post this ad coz it's not free to see all channels. Only limited channels like mytv can see. Rubbish!!!!
If really want to attract people, pls free like all the channels.

User unfriendly!

How to put it into full screen?? The full screen button is so freaking small and often time when you press it, it does the stupid rotation and nothing else.

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此 App 專為 iPhone 和 iPad 設計
  • 免費
  • 類別: 娛樂
  • 更新日期:
  • 版本: 4.1.2
  • 大小: 64.4 MB
  • 語言: 簡體中文, 繁體中文, 英語
  • 開發人員:
分級為 12+,因為內容涉及:
  • 偶而/輕微的驚悚/恐怖題材
  • 偶而/輕微的酒精、菸草或藥物使用或相關內容
  • 偶而/輕微的成人/性暗示題材
  • 偶而/輕微的粗話或低俗幽默

相容性: 需要 iOS 7.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。