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now 隨身睇

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# 非 Now TV 客戶:無須登入收看免費內容
# 現有 Now TV 客戶:立即下載即可隨時隨地收看已訂購頻道*

Now TV兩大直播頻道* – 免費睇
‧ Now 新聞台 - 最強新聞頻道
‧ Now SPORTS精選台 - 24小時體育賽事精華

已訂購指定內容之Now TV客戶,可於「Now 隨身睇」收看相關直播頻道/自選節目:

*620台只限星級體育組合客戶申請。星級體育組合客戶可使用一部已登記之電腦或流動裝置(首次收看前須透過now隨身睇裝置應用程式登記授權裝置),在Now 隨身睇服務觀看620台(如已訂購) 及621-627台。客戶每月只可變更該登記裝置一次。星級體育組合客戶亦可使用電腦或流動裝置,Now隨身睇服務觀看(但不可同時以多於一部裝設收 看)631-637台。請注意閣下於Now 隨身睇服務任何頻道,節目及/或内容之觀看可隨時被取消而不會作任何事先通知。

註 :以上頻道於本程式所播放之節目須視乎有關內容於手提裝置(手機及平板電腦)之播放權, 節目可能跟電視播放之內容有所不同。部分頻道或影片播影權只限於香港地區播放。 節目資訊及服務推廣訊息將透過「Now 隨身睇」應用程式通知用戶,用戶可更改手提裝置內的「設定」模式關閉「顯示通知」。

Q: 我嘗試播放節目時出現問題, 請問如何解決?
A: 請確認閣下的 iOS 裝置 或 電腦已達所列出的系統要求,而 iOS 系統亦必須是原裝及沒有被第三者更改的。你亦可以從錯誤訊息找出原因。

Login not required. One click to play!
#Non-Now TV customers can enjoy now TV’s free content without logging in.
#Existing Now TV customers are eligible to watch selected channels they have subscribed to on Now Player.

Popular Now TV channels – free of charge
‧ Now News – local economy, political and international news
‧ Now SPORTS Prime – 24-hour non-stop highlights of major sports events

Subscribers of selected Now TV content can also view live channels/on demand programs on Now Player:
2.Movies/ Drama
5.News/ Info
6.Travel/ Documentary

*Only subscribers to the Super Sports Pack can subscribe to CH620. Super Sports Pack subscribers can view CH 620 (if subscribed to) and 621-627 on Now Player on a single registered PC or mobile device (by installing the Now Player application). This registered device can be changed only once per calendar month. CH631-637 can also be viewed on now Player; through any PC or mobile device (but not simultaneously). Please note that your access to any programme, channel and/or content on the now Player service can be terminated at anytime without prior notice.

Remarks: Content on mobile devices (including mobile phones and tablet PCs) may differ from those on TV because of broadcast licensing issues. Service update and promotion notifications will be pushed through the now Player application. Customer can turn off the notifications in Settings.
Q: Programs cannot be played on now Player. How can this be solved?
A: Please ensure your iOS device / Computer is equipped with the listed requirements and the iOS is original and unmodified. Besides, the error messages should give a reason of failure.

4.5.4 版本的新內容

- Performance tuning
- 服務提升


iPhone 螢幕快照 1
iPhone 螢幕快照 2
iPhone 螢幕快照 3
iPhone 螢幕快照 4
iPad 螢幕快照 1
iPad 螢幕快照 2
iPad 螢幕快照 3
iPad 螢幕快照 4


Personalize channel list

List of channels are simply too long to scroll and does not cover every channel subscribed. Please consider adding favourite channels so that ppl can switch between the favourite channels easily.

Channel on demand

Can the movies/programs on those channels on demand be downloaded n kept for a period of time( say 48 hours)? Pls consider it.

OK but

1. Cannot AirPlay to a TV
2. Doesn't support Picture in Picture in iPad
3. cannot filter to show subscribed channels only, need scroll up and down the whole list to find.

now 隨身睇
在 iTunes 上檢視
此 App 專為 iPhone 和 iPad 設計
  • 免費
  • 類別: 娛樂
  • 更新日期:
  • 版本: 4.5.4
  • 大小: 55.9 MB
  • 語言: 中文, 英語
  • 開發人員:
分級為 12+,因為內容涉及:
  • 偶而/輕微的現實暴力
  • 偶而/輕微的成人/性暗示題材
  • 偶而/輕微的卡通或幻想暴力
  • 偶而/輕微的酒精、菸草或藥物使用或相關內容
  • 偶而/輕微的驚悚/恐怖題材
  • 偶而/輕微的粗話或低俗幽默
  • 偶而/輕微的模擬賭博
  • 偶而/輕微的色情內容與裸露

相容性: 需要 iOS 7.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。