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※ If you are using from the previous version ※
How to download the material set has changed from renewal in Photograd.
Therefore, if you became a new member registration after the update, please authentication in the same AppleID and always before.
Also, if you had been premium registered, so we have been granted a large number of points, thank you to you at etc. re-download of the material set.


The "Itemshop" has been renewed!

You can get materials now in exchange for points or coins.
You get more points every day by logging in!
By collecting coins you get big material sets!

Those who have been using the premium version get special points to use at the itemshop.

New material sets added!
-Film PhotoFrame set 10pieces.

- In Photograd you can freely create an original image to your liking.

Decorate with stamps, pens, frames, colorfilters and include many photos into one image with multiframes.

Your creations can be shared easily through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

The materials vary from scrapbook style to realistic, cute, comical, soft and message decorations.


Multiframes FOR FREE!
We present free multiframes for all users!
We hope you like our cute and original multiframes!
To get the free set go to:

Item Shop > Multiframe > Sweet & Lovely > “Animal set”
and tap the download button.

Those who have purchased materials and want to reinstall the application or change devices need to restore the purchase information to continue using materials. This can be done at "Item Shop" from the "Restore purchase information" button.
(If you have any trouble restoring the information feel free to contact our support.)

- Retina Display Support.
(Bigger picture size)
- Multiframe
Layer pictures over one another to create an original image.
- Colorfilter
Change the atmosphere of the picture with different filters.
- Frame
Add a frame to the picture.
- Stamp
Choose from various stamps to decorate your picture.
- Pen
Draw on your picture with different crayons!
- Album / Caption
Save the pictures you have made to an album. The pictures can be viewed in full screen and posted to Facebook or Twitter with a caption.
- Zoom
Zoom in or out during picture editing
- Direct posting
Pictures can be posted directly to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.
- Item Shop
You can purchase or download for free materials.
- Attach to e-mail
Send pictures from your album by e-mail.

1. English
2. Spanish
3. French
4. Japanese
5. Chinese
6. Korean

Official site: http://pgra.jp/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Pgrad_Official
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Photograd


版本 7.3

- Mild bug fixes




I know you want to earn more money by changing the way of collecting "coins" other than the earlier premium version, which I could download items more than the free one. But I think this new version of collecting coins or points is ridiculous and ironic to those who buy the premium version. I buy the premium because you gave me some privileges. But after updating the app, I have to start over again like free version. I can't help but wonder why I spent my money on this app? That's very unfair. As a user who uses this app for over 2 years, I have to say I'm very disappointed with the update

Some problem on album & web album


I love this app but I can't delete the photos in the app album even I delete the tweet. The Phtograd web page still show all my photos and I can't del them!!!! Please add/fix the function which I can manage my photos. Also the album page is blank when I click into the preview icon!! Thx

Cannot show all downloaded items


I have upgraded to premium, the items are really beautiful. But I found a problem that not all downloaded items cannot be shown for decoration. For example, I have downloaded 100 frames, but only 70 frames shown to choose. What happen to this issue, please fix.


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90.9 MB
需要 iOS 6.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。
分級為 4+
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  3. ScrapBook Stamp3 HK$ 8.00


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