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Three Billy Goats HD


此 App 只在 iOS 裝置的 App Store 提供。


*** Bedtime or No Bedtime, all time popular story which can read itself as well ***

A newly reformed story from the famous legacy of the Three Billy Goats and the Troll, with beautiful characters and illustrations to make it easy to understand and entertain children, with interactive sound effects. Version 1.1 is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


•Children story picturesque book with interactive narration.
•High Definition beautiful illustrations.
•Individual Character voices and sound effects.
•Easy, understandable and humorous narration.
•Soft controllable background music.
•Simple touch / swipe navigation.
•Touch text to enlarge and read

Special Features..

***** 3 Interesting 24 Piece Picture Puzzles*****

* Read it to me
*Read it yourself
*Tell story in your own words (Narration Show Hide option

2.3 版本的新內容

Bug Fixes


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Three Billy Goats HD
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此 App 專為 iPhone 和 iPad 設計
  • 免費
  • 類別: 教育
  • 更新日期:
  • 版本: 2.3
  • 大小: 21.6 MB
  • 語言: 英語
  • 開發人員:

相容性: 需要 iOS 4.3 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。



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