Creating a healthy lifestyle starts with knowing where you stand.
Health Mate lets you view a complete history of your health data, including activity, sleep, weight, and more, so you can see trends, track progress, and improve over time.
Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get more active, monitor blood pressure, or even sleep better, Health Mate is there to coach you every step of the way.

Our complete ecosystem of products can transform how you take care of yourself and your family. By seeing actionable health insights all in one app, plus coaching programs to help motivate you, Health Mate can empower anyone to take control of their wellness.

Activity & GPS tracking: Know where you stand and get inspired to move more. (data from your Apple Watch, your iPhone or our Withings / Nokia trackers)
Leaderboard motivation: Link friends and family and experience the definition of “healthy competition”
Badges: Get rewarded for your progress

-Heart rate: Monitor to improve strength or keep on top of known issues
-Blood pressure: Get a picture of your overall cardiovascular health
-Pulse wave velocity: Know more about the health of your arteries
Heart data comes via our Blood Pressure Monitors, heart rate and activity watch (Steel HR), and our Body Cardio scale

Sleep cycles: Know your light & deep sleep cycles, as well as sleep interruptions to feel rested and improve your long-term
Smart Wake-Up™: Wake up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle
Monitor your sleep via our range of activity & sleep tracking devices

Weight, BMI, and Full Body Composition, plus weight trends for insight.
Set goals and track progress
Get motivation with in-app rewards
Can log manually, or have information auto-sync via our connected scales range

Follow a variety of programs designed to help you achieve your health goals:
- Sleep smarter
See how getting more consistent sleep can improve health and support weight loss efforts.
- Better body
Learn all about body composition and discover new ways to lose fat — forever in this 6-week program.
- Pregnancy tracker
Get personalized obstetrician-reviewed advice, tips, and weight tracking throughout pregnancy.
- Healthier heart
This in-app purchase of Hy-Result software helps you follow a medical protocol and delivers an in-depth report of your blood pressure that can be easily shared with your doctor.

Health Mate links with 100+ top health and fitness apps including Apple Health, Nike, RunKeeper & MyFitnessPal.

GPS is used for GPS Assist feature during workout sessions, if you own a Withings Steel HR watch. It is activated only when you start a workout session and if you previously gave GPS permissions to Health Mate.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


版本 4.4.1

Thanks for using Health Mate! To improve your experience, we bring updates to the App Store regularly, and every update includes speed and reliability improvements.
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1,365 則評分

Easy to use but some glitches

The app is easy to use and provides interesting information on health. It serves my purpose which is to take daily BP and keep a log. But there are a few glitches: 1) Sometimes the BPM won’t initiate after pressing the button on the device as suggested. I have to get out of the app and try all over again. It seems to take a bit of time for the phone and the BPM to connect. 2) There is no way to force a reading/entry into the Programs (e.g. Healthier Heart) so that if you don’t take a reading at the specified time, you would have missed your chance to provide data, causing a gap in your data gathering for that program. 3) I don’t see anywhere on the app what those little bars on my BP trend mean. I understand the colors, red being an in healthy fascinan, green being an optimal reading. But what does the sizes of the circular bars mean?


Thank you so much for your feedback about Health Mate. I'm very happy to know that you find the app easy to use. I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your BPM. I would like to invite you to contact our customer support directly at https://within.gs/t/671632e9 for further assistance. Thank you very much and have a good day! Best regards - Francis, Withings Customer Service


No Language setting

I bought body cardio and installed this app with default language of Simplified Chinese. I asked for help from CS to switch the language to English or Tranfitional Chinese. The CS provided instructions to switch language in the app. However, none of them was working. The CS even requested me to send screen captures to them. After more than a week of messaging, the CS confirm to me that there is NO language option in the app. Isn’t it ridiculous? And the CS suggested me to switch the iPhone system to English since the app follows system setting. How ridiculus again! I didn’t try and won’t change my system language because of using this stupid app. Is it very difficult to include language option in the app? If the app follows system language setting, why not give me Trandition Chinese which I am using on my iPhone? Since Apple aligned with Nokia, I trusted these companies and purchased Body Cardio but regret now. Finally, the CS was slow response and unprofessional.


We're sorry to hear you feel this way, but we appreciate the feedback. We are continuing to release new products and updates, and we hope to have a chance to win you over. — Lee, Nokia Customer Support

Kay Wong 122543

Puzzle about the muscle mass

I just bought the body cardio scale and happy about all of its function except for the measurement of the body muscle mass - the record shows that 70% of my body mass is muscle ! How could this ever be possible? While my 50-dollar electronic scale can tell me a more reasonable measurement, I m kinda disappointed by such a performance of your scale and your app. Can you please check if there is something wrong with the setting of the apps and the software in the scale?


Thank you for sharing your review of Health Mate. We’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing inaccurate body composition measurements with the Body Cardio. This issue should be able to be resolved by https://support.health.nokia.com/hc/en-us/articles/219943507. If the issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, at nokia.ly/HealthSupport.

— Jesse, Nokia Customer Support


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需要 iOS 10.0 或以上版本。與 iPhone、iPad 及 iPod touch 相容。



分級為 4+
此 App 即使在未開啟時仍可能會使用您的位置資訊,這會縮短電池續航力。
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