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Introduction to Logic

發行: 이화여자대학교 - Ewha Womans University

此課程教材只在 iPhone 或 iPad 上的 iTunes U App 提供。



A few remarks as a way of introducing myself.

I got my Ph.D in philosophy from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana in 1994. Aftersix years of teaching philosophy at Ball State University again in Indiana, I came back toKorea and am currently employed at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea.Throughout my teaching career, I have taught courses on logic even though my area ofspecialty is philosophy of mind which deals with some perplexing questions about thenature of mind and its relation to body. I have always enjoyed teaching logic becauselogic is basic not only to philosophy but also to whole academics. Thinking does notmake much sense without logic. It is fun to teach something that is so fundamental tolife and watch students improve their ability to think logically.

Course Description

This is a first course in logic, and thus there is no prerequisite for taking this course. I assumethat students have not studied logic in any systematic way. So, we will start from the basicsand proceed step by step.In a nutshell, logic is the science of evaluating arguments. So, we start by asking what anargument is. You make an argument when you present a claim together with reasons that youtake to support the claim. Logicians are interested in evaluating arguments in a systematic way,that is, they want to find a general test of whether a given set of reasons is sufficient to back upa claim. Logic has made great advances for the last one hundred years. This course willintroduce students to some of the most important achievements of modern logic. The ultimategoal of this course is to improve the critical reasoning ability and possibly prepare for thoseexams that test the ability.
Introduction to Logic
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