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The Italian Key

HD   未作評級

Rosa Karo

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A romantic fairytale about a young woman who gets, as her sole inheritance, an antique key that opens both an old villa in Italy and the secrets of her family history. 19-year-old Cabella has never known her parents and has lived with her non-related uncle Max for as long as she can remember. When Max dies, Cabella only gets an old key that Max has left for her in secret. Sad and without much to look forward to, she travels to Italy and finds a run-down villa in a little village where she starts to live as she has nowhere else to go. Little by little Cabella starts to fit into the life of the village. She turns the house livable and makes friends with three local sisters and a friendly ghost. As the mysteries slowly unfold, Cabella rediscovers her joie de vivre, as do many others in whose life she has suddenly drifted.



Boring and not making any sense like taking out an icebar on the top of the hill (of coz no tuck shop up there!) after riding a bike! In summer! Affected lines are ridiculous too. Waste of time and money😑

The Italian Key
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  • HK$ 138.00
  • 類型: 愛情
  • 發行日期: 2014