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Island ECC Podcast

發行人 Island ECC

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Weekly audio messages on the world-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ and the life-changing love of God from Island ECC in Hong Kong. To watch these dynamic messages in video format, visit our website:


God is great

Ecc is a great church

ECC Podcast

Pastor Brett Hilliard's Sermons are the best !! You can no doubt learn from them and relate each ECC sermon to you life. If your job demands you to travel a lot and stationed outside Hong Kong, these Podcasts would be your next best bet to stay in touch with your church.

Great teaching!

There are many great staffs at Island ECC. It is an awesome church in many regards, but the sermons were truely outstanding. They were structure in a systemtic way and easy to be understood by everyone from all walks of life and also any point of your spritual walkif you are a Christian. They are what drew me to attend church initially. I hope you will find podcast as helpful as they are to me in your walk with God.

Island ECC Podcast
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  • 類別: 基督教
  • 語言: 英語