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By RedleX

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Mellel is a sophisticated, time-tested and reliable word processor, especially designed to handle long and complicated documents, books, manuscripts, dissertations, and more.

Mellel comes equipped with a superb set of tools for the job, allowing you to control every little aspect of your footnotes, track changes, cross-reference, table of contents, citations, images, bibliography, sorting, styles, lists, and so on - while keeping things well in control via its winning outline pane.

• A real work-horse: Mellel will remain agile and reliable even wether you're working on a simple letter or a 400 pages long manuscript with hundreds of notes, images, citations, headings and cross-references
• Reliability: Mellel works as promised. It doesn't crash, nor will it harm your documents. If you're looking for a tool to trust your valuable manuscript with - Mellel is it
• True multilingual support: Mellel was written from the ground up as a multilingual word processor. It offers the best support for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Syriac, not to mention Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek, Cyrillic languages, and so on

Advanced Writing Tools
• Footnotes and Endnotes: Mellel offers the best set of tools for footnotes and endnotes, with quality layout and control over every aspects of notes - including support for multiple note streams
• Cross Reference: Another best-of-breed feature. Reference everything, anywhere in your document, including parts you haven't written yet (virtual targets)
• Headings and titles: Yet another superb tool allowing you perfect control over style, numbering, repeating elements, and so on
• Bibliography support: Mellel supports Live Bibliography, citations, bibliography creation, scan re-scan and unscan, setting your own automatic styling for citations and bibliography, and other advanced bibliography features
• Table of contents: Mellel allows you to design your table of contents, create and update your ToC in a matter of seconds
• Word Count: Mellel doesn't just count words, it also allows you to set what to count, and enumerate citations, tables, images, headings and footnotes
• Complete paragraph control: Mellel's paragraph styles allow you to control hyphenation, keep with, spacing, alongside all the other standard features
• Text Control: With Mellel you can easily control how your text will look, from text stroke to baseline shift to the colour, thickness and shape of your double underline
• Graphics and images: allows you to set wrapping of text around images, frame, fill and opacity and many other features. Plus, it actually works instead of messing up your document
• Running headers: have your headers change with the chapters and sub-chapters in the document

Manage Your Document
• Outline: allows you to view your entire document, organise and reorder it
• Track Changes: allows you to track changes, and collaborate easily with multiple editors and writers
• Style sets: enables you to manage and streamline your page, column, note, list, paragraph, and character styles - and keep them consistent between documents
• Find and replace: Mellel supports a regular expression like language, and also allows you to save find actions and organise them in sets you can run once to make multiple changes

What's New in Version 3.3.2

• Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to produce inoperable documents when importing RTF documents containing track-changes insertions/deletions inside comments.
• (13161) PICT and PDF images are converted to 600DPI bitmaps when exporting to RTF. Correctly exporting the image vertical positioning. This improves rtf export of documents with MathType/MathMagic equations.
• (13131) Fixed a bug that caused the "lookup in dictionary" item to be missing from the context menu when right-clicking a word inside a footnote/endnote.
• (13250) Fixed a bug that prevented making selections with the mouse to inlines (citations, hyperlinks) inside tables.
• (13129) Fixed some issues that could have caused Mellel to crash sometimes while saving (or auto-saving).
• (13160) Correctly removing pipe delimiter in inserted citations.
• (13209) Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented showing a context menu when right clicking text in a comment.
• (13208) Fixed a bug that prevented context menu from being displayed when right-clicking a floating image.
• (13210) Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when inspecting an IAP info in the store window (Lite version).
• (13200) Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when right clicking a hyperlink in certain circumstances.
• (13192) Find pane expanded by default.
• Handling of no open library in bookends
• (13108) Fixed a bug that caused Mellel fail to open RTF files produced by Ulysses.
• (13124) Fixed an issue that caused the text of the RegEx editor field to disappear temporarily after deleting parts of it.
• (13084) Changed default value for "Go To Page" dialog. When showing for the first time, the current page is used as the value, for subsequent times, the last value (if valid) is used.

New with version 3.3

• Create a Comment by clicking the Comment icon in the toolbar (or choosing Edit > Comment > Add Comment.
• You can delete a comment in the Annotations pane. You can also delete comments in a selection.
• You can set the default character attributes for a comment. 
• You can control the display of options such as the User name and the Date and Time. 
• You can add comments in the text, in tables, in footnotes, etc. You cannot add a comment within an Auto-title, a citation or in a cross reference.
• You can navigate between comments via Edit > Comment > Previous/Next Comment.
• You can search within comments. 
• If the Annotations pane is visible when printing, the comments will be displayed in print and in a PDF. Otherwise, they will be hidden. 
• You can use the Tab key to step out of comments.

New Find
• Brand new look: Mellel's new Find gives you power in a handy way - all the options are available with a concise pane in the work window. And everything looks better too.
• Recent searches: Gives you access to your 10 recent searches. 
• Find Actions, an easy way to create search and replace macros, are much easier to save and open (via the Options manu).
• Several small but time saving other niceties (e.g., Cmd+F to open or close the Find Pane). 

New Find Sets
• A New and easy to use columns interface.
• Find Sets list lists all your Find Sets (your old Find Sets will be converted to the new format).
• Drag-and-drop-easy arranging of Find Sets and Find Actions (you can even create a new set by selecting actions and dropping them into the Sets pane). 
• Search (filter) within Find Actions, allowing you to easily spot a Find Action in the crowd.
• Add, Delete and Duplicate Find Sets and Find Actions.
• Log and progress bar for Find Actions performed. 
• Try before you save: You can test your Find Actions in the Find strip, Revert back to a saved version of the Find Action, or save it.
• You can add comments for Find Actions. 
• Export and Import of Find Sets: You can now export and import complete Find Sets, making it easy to collaborate with others, or maintaining editing standards.


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  • USD 38.99
  • Category: Productivity
  • Updated: 04 April 2014
  • Version: 3.3.2
  • Size: 104 MB
  • Languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
  • Developer: Ori Redler

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

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