11 Songs, 23 Minutes


About Round One to Round Five

When Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus weren't producing experimental techno as Basic Channel, minimal dub techno as Maurizio, or experimental dub as Rhythm and Sound, they were most likely producing the occasional record as Round One -- or Round Two, Round Three, etc. -- which progressive questioned the distinction between traditional house and dub, a distinction that few have ever drawn. These two Berlin artists -- with an equally important role in the techno community as the driving force behind the influential Hard Wax record stores in Germany -- collaborated with vocalists Andy Caine and Tikiman for the five 10" records in this series. Each record would feature the vocal version followed by an instrumental dub version on the flip side. What began as straight-up house, with I'm Your Brother in 1994, eventually evolved into fairly straight-up dub, with Na Fe Throw It in 1999. The duo released a CD that compiled each of these tracks, chronicling the rather startling transformation from house to dub. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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