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Fed up with the state of the music industry and punk rock in general after the 2006 breakup of the Suicide Machines, singer Jay Navarro decided to channel his contempt and share it with the world, giving birth to Hellmouth. Staying close to his Michigan roots, Navarro filled out the lineup with fellow Detroiters Alex Awn (guitar) and Jeff Uberti (bass), as well as Fordirelifesake’s Justin Malek (drums). With influences from early thrash bands like Celtic Frost and Venom, and hardcore legends like Black Flag and Agnostic Front, Hellmouth blend the drive of hardcore punk with the out-and-out aggression of heavy metal, creating something that’s a throwback to the early days of metal without sounding like a parody. The band released their first demo in 2008, quickly followed by the January 2009 release of their full-length debut, Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing, on Ferret Music. ~ Gregory Heaney

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