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Mexican punk act Thermo were launched in their home town of Guadalajara, Jalisco, in the mid-'90s. Roy Cañedo, Ivan Perez, and Alain Buitrago (the band's first guitarist) met in secondary school in 1994, rounded out by Mike two years later. The first to blaze the emocore trail south of the border, the band developed a reputation for mixing lush vocal harmonies with guttural screams, delicate musical passages leading into muscled metal riffs. Thermo released their debut, Arde en Mi, without the support or direction of a record label. Surprisingly, they were able to produce "major-label" results with an independent release, garnering regular airplay and invitations from large venues. The record hit number 52 on national charts, an amazing accomplishment for any indie artist, let alone for a first outing. As Thermo's fan base grew and reputation flourished, so did their desire to create a truly unique standout follow-up to their well-loved premiere. The band traveled to Sweden to work with the crew at Tonteknik recording studios, veteran producers of groups like Cult of Luna, In Flames, and Refused. Mike (keyboards), Ivan (guitars), Kirby (guitars), Meyer (bass), and Roy (drums) were successful in their efforts, despite finding themselves out on a new artistic limb. The March 2007 release of Bajo el Control del Radar found favor with national audiences, earning Thermo their first slot on the Billboard charts. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

    Guadalajara, Mexico

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