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About Bold

Directly influenced by their friends and predecessors in Youth of Today, Bold was one of the many very young, straight-edge bands that arose in the East Coast hardcore punk scene during the '80s. The quartet was formed in Westchester County, NY, in 1983, and their remarkably solid lineup included vocalist Matt Warnke, guitarist John Zuluago, drummer Drew Thomas, and bassist Tim Brooks (most of who were only in the seventh grade at the time). Initially named Crippled Youth, the boys changed to Bold in order to better differentiate the group from the sea of straight-edge outfits accommodating the word youth in their moniker at the time. In 1988, with a powerful reputation for their live shows and several singles under their belt, Bold released their debut album, Speak Out, for Revelation Records. In 1989, the members went off to college and the band broke up. However, thanks to that album's straight-edge anthem, "Nailed to the X," the band still remains popular in the hardcore world. In 1994, Bold regrouped to release a mini-album called Looking Back. It features all of the original lineup, with the exception of John Zuluago, who was replaced by Tom Capone. ~ Kelso Jacks

Westchester County, NY



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