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One of many Los Angeles garage rock bands of the mid-'60s that made an obscure single or two, the Preachers are a little more known than most such acts due to the inclusion of their ferocious version of "Who Do You Love" on one of the very first '60s garage rock compilations, Pebbles, Vol. 1. During their brief lifetime, they managed three singles on the small Moonglow and Pep labels, usually sticking to a heavily Rolling Stones-influenced, pouting approach. Though a fourth single, "Moanin'"/"Just Don't Complain," was recorded just before they broke up, Moonglow issued this single under the group name of John English & the Lemondrops, English being their lead singer of the time. Original Preachers guitarist Richard Fortunato later joined the Vejtables, co-writing that group's final single, the psychedelic "Shadows"/"Feel the Music."

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