The digital art book shows some of the incredible artwork of The Persistence universe. From the earliest of concept artwork, through to full production, get a fascinating behind-the-scenes view of the development of this brand new sci-fi video game.
Then take the plunge and connect to The Persistence on PlayStation VR via your local network for some couch-coop thrills! You will see the procedurally generated decks of the ship and can guide the player to his goal. You are armed with powerful tools which make a huge difference to their gameplay, the question is, do you want to help, or hinder?
• Open doors, and lure mutants away from the VR player’s path
• Discover hidden power-ups and guide the player to them
• Tag mutants so the VR player can see them coming
• Turn on more lights to help them
• Place markers to guide them
• Spawn weapons and health packs
• Freeze enemies to give the VR player a chance to run away
• Disable sentry guns so they can sneak past

But these powers don’t have to be used for good!
• Open doors, and lure enemies toward the VR player
• Spawn in even more enemies!
• Incite enemies to attack!
• And if your friend is already a little nervous, you can even turn the lights out!

Note: You need to have your mobile device and PlayStation®4 connected to the same local network. Does not support internet play.


Verzió 1.04

Add manual connection option
Disable inactivity timer while using the app


Firesprite Ltd.
135.5 MB
A(z) iOS 11.0 vagy újabb verziója szükséges. Kompatibilis készülékek: iPhone, iPad és iPod touch.
12+ besorolású a következők miatt:
Ritkán előforduló vagy enyhe rajzfilmes vagy fantasy stílusban megjelenített erőszak
Gyakran előforduló vagy intenzíven horrorisztikus vagy félelemkeltő témák
Copyright © 2018 Firesprite Ltd. 'The Persistence' is a registered trademark of Firesprite Ltd. All other marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.


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