Buzz Poets

Involving their creations with firm rock & roll picks, and at the same time keeping it within the sharpest melodies of pop, Buzz Poets induct distinct variations on the rock genre. The Poets originated in Pittsburgh, PA, in the midst of the '90s, with a lineup consisting of Tripper (vocals, guitar), Phil MacDowell (guitar), bassist Tim Gaber, drummer Ron Lavella, and keyboards and turntable wizard Justin Sarra. The group's perseverance attached by its members' ability proved to be essential on growing an ample legion of followers. Their 1997 debut album, Planet Buzz, conferred the necessary clamor to their compositions, while Alcohol Abuse Live, a live record released in 1999, enhanced the band's breathtaking and vigorous concerts. Pretzel Sex, that hit the record stores that same year confirmed the Poets' consistency and evolution. Two years later, Buzz Poets, the unit's self-titled third studio effort sublimed their status on the modern rock style scene. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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