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Tango singer Vayo (pronounced vah-djoh) Raimondo, who performs under his first name, was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, which, along with Buenos Aires, Argentina, claims to be one of the two cities where the tango originated. A descendent of Italian immigrants, he was raised on opera at home, but was attracted to the tango music he heard on the radio. His career in music came about gradually, paralleled by a non-musical career that found him working in the U.S. as a structural engineer. He also lived in Italy while continuing to pursue his interest in tango, lecturing on the history of the music at the University of Oslo, Norway, in 1998. In 2004, he led a troupe of musicians and ballet dancers on a tour of Europe. His debut album, I Am a Tango, was followed by At the Edge of Night, and, in 2006, Tango Legends. ~ William Ruhlmann

    Montevideo, Uruguay

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