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You can experience "school life"
attend the class, buy sweets ,talk with classmates ,join club, and confess.
drive a bike,car with lovers, work in maid cafe.

Protect classmates from zombies who will spawn in campus!
When you are bitten by a zombie you will become a zombie!

*Easy operation
Easy as operation buttons are displayed on the screen even if you do not remember them.

Button B: Crouch: Move by dropping your knees.
Button R: Fly (flight movement)
Button L: See Information of yourself or a classmate.

Button A changes depending on the situation.

* VR mode
you can play the virtual reality mode.
To operate the game pad connection is necessary.
When you set "VR On" on the setup,so please set the smartphone to the VR headset.
Move the head and the camera viewpoint will be linked.

Yang Baru

Versi 1.19

- hair dressing table in my room
- cooking with my kitchen
- clean time (after 6th class)
- baseball ground
- UI on/off in SETUP

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4.3 dari 5

44 Penilaian

44 Penilaian


Bella Drowned

I always see updates on this game on YT but no updates when I check it, so can you please update it at the same time? Thanks



This game is so addictive!! It feels like we're in the real school, but there's something weird about this game. Every time i ask a boy out, I always rejected. But when my sister tried it on her phone, the boy accepted it. I dont know why but it feels really strange to me 😆


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Keren Anjay


Kazuhiro Yasutake
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