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Are you looking to improve your English skills or want to prepare for the TOEFL exam? With TOEFL Practice Test you will be able to do both in a very fast period of time and with great results!
We are offering you a listening and reading part that makes the entire process complete and which prepares you for the exam.
On the listening side you have 50 lectures and 50 conversations, while on the reading side you have 185 reading comprehension lessons, 35 lessons for sentence completion, 50 for incorrect word and 46 lessons for synonyms. All of these combined are offering you a complete, refined and professional way to prepare for this important exam!
All of these exercises and reading tests are designed in such a way so that they mirror what you can find in the real TOEFL exam, so by checking these out you will definitely have the opportunity to bring in front new rewards and great experiences all around.
In the case off exercises you will have a timer in order to see how fast you can complete everything. You can use our TOEFL Practice Test to really simulate the exam and rest assured that once you complete all that our app has to offer you will have no problem passing the exam with flying colors. Download TOEFL Practice Test right now and prepare for the TOEFL exam in the proper manner!
• Hundreds of listening and reading lessons
• Easy to use interface
• Helps you properly prepare for the TOEFL exam

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Bug fixes

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thank you


Please increase more files for free... it's so much helping and easy to learn... I wish I could purchase it... but I dont have a registered apple ID to purchase :'(

Wrong answers

Nabila R

I did the "sentence completing" practice and had no problem with the first three lessons. I got 15/15 in two of them and 14/15 in the other. However, in the fourth lesson I got 3/15 despite being sure I got most of them right. I checked, and the 'correct' answer didn't make any sense. Please review it as soon as possible. Thank you.


Thanh Vu Truong
23.5 MB
Memerlukan iOS 7.0 atau versi lebih baru. Kompatibel dengan iPhone, iPad, dan iPod touch.
Bahasa Indonesia, Arab, Bahasa Melayu, Belanda, Bokmål Norsk, Cheska (Republik Cheska), Dansk (Denmark), Ibrani, Inggris, Italia, Jepang, Jerman, Katalan, Korea, Magyar (Hungaria), Polski (Polandia), Portugis, Prancis, Rumania, Rusia, Slovak (Slovakia), Spanyol, Suomi (Finlandia), Swensk (Swedia), Thai, Tionghoa Sederhana, Tionghoa Tradisional, Turki, Ukraina, Vietnam, Yunani
Batas Usia
Berperingkat 4+
Hak Cipta
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  1. Incorrect Word Rp 29ribu
  2. Sentence Completion Rp 29ribu
  3. Synonym Rp 29ribu


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