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Hailing from the city of Norrköping in east Sweden, PG.Lost are a post-rock collective who have described their sound as "Swedish Experimental Instrumentalism." Somewhat different from the largely swamping, unwavering soundscapes of their post-rock counterparts such as This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky, the bands sound has been anchored with huge, confrontational riffs and bombastic percussion while still flawlessly transcending the vast melancholy ambience mastered by other outfits within the genre. The group put out a number of highly acclaimed releases with their sonic palette going through a surefire yet gradual evolution between each effort and accompanying tours; ranging from the Yes, I Am EP and the Its Not Me, Its You! album in 2008, to 2009s In Never Out and 2012s Key. 2012 also saw PG.Lost release a split single with Chinese contemporary instrumental rock band Wang Wen. Their fourth album, 2016s Versus, presented many of the bands familiar layered soundscapes, although stripped of effect-laden vocals from previous works, paving the way for more synth and keyboard-focused work. The album met widespread acclaim from both critics and fans alike. ~ Rob Wacey

Norrköping, Sweden

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