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The group Prolapse formed in Leisester, England. Members are: vocalists "Scottish Mick" Derrick and Linda Steelyard, keyboardist Donald Ross, guitarists Pat Marsden and David Jeffreys, drummer Tim Pattison, and bassist Mick Harrison. The band's intense musical style is loud, raw, and furious, comparable to that of groups like the Birthday Party, the Cure, and Bauhaus.

Prolapse first signed with the Cherry Red Records label, where they recorded two EPs and a debut album. The group's live shows earned them lots of attention. If Prolapse's music is wild, then their performances on-stage are unrestrained, to say the least. The two vocalists, Derrick and Steelyard, have carried things to the point of battle -- televisions have even been tossed about.

In 1995, Prolapse recorded their first album, Pointless Walks to Dismal Places. It was followed a year later by Backsaturday, released under the Big Cat Records label. This second album from the group carries numbers like "Strain Contortion of Bag," "Irritating Radiator," and "Every Night I'm Mentally Crucified."

Prolapse has also recorded for labels like Cooking Vinyl and Radar. The six-piece outfit has toured in and outside of the United States, performing with a number of popular alternative groups such as Stereolab, Pulp, Sonic Youth, Sebadoh, and others. ~ Charlotte Dillon

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