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Formed in heavy metal's birthplace of Birmingham, England, Marshall Law arrived at a time -- the late 1980s -- when pure, unadulterated heavy metal had taken a noticeable back seat to more extreme genres like thrash and, the yin to its yang, glam. Founding members vocalist Andy Pyke (ex-Damien) and guitarist Dave Martin (ex-Shadowlands) were both veterans of the local pub scene, and alongside second guitarist Andy Southwell, bassist Malcolm Gould, and drummer Mick Donovan, they quickly set about shopping their 1988 Future Shock demo to record companies. FM Revolver eventually snapped them up and 1990 saw the release of Marshall Law's eponymous debut, soon to be followed by 1991's Power Crazy EP, featuring a new rhythm section in bassist Roger Davis and drummer Lee Morris. Both releases boasted a traditional metal sound that earned the group a rather unfair reputation as Judas Priest clones (the similarities existed, but were hardly overwhelming), and 1993's sophomore full-length, Power Game, although better and more diversified, was sadly unable to dispel these allegations. None of it seemed to matter when Marshall Law lost their record deal the following year, however, and by September 1992, they had performed their farewell show and officially disbanded. But they rebounded in 1996 with a new contract courtesy of indie metal stalwart Neat Records, which signaled Marshall Law's return with a long-shelved live album that they named Law in the Raw. The next year's Metal Detector saw drummer Lee Morris, who had already moved onto join doomsters Paradise Lost, replaced by a drum machine (covertly named Glen Viner by the band), but an actual living human, Chris Green, was present behind the kit for 1999's Warning from History. Arguably Marshall Law's most successful opus yet, the album benefited from guest appearances by former Grim Reaper vocalist Steve Grimmett and Magnum guitarist Tony Clarkin, and led to tours of Europe and South America. But little has been heard from the band since, with its members involving themselves with various projects while still threatening a Marshall Law reunion at some point down the line. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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