20 Songs, 1 Hour 27 Minutes


About Christoph De Babalon

Likely due to his lack of bold image, Hamburg-based Christoph de Babalon was somewhat lost in the shuffle of his Digital Hardcore peers, crafting a varying array of largely instrumental tracks that either increase heart rates on the dancefloor or distort the senses in the bedroom. Regardless of his aims, his productions always favored simplicity over complexity and enjoyed a healthy love of doomed cragginess. De Babalon first gained exposure in 1994 for his I Own Death EP, which landed in the top ten of BBC DJ John Peel's year-end list. Peel's continued support did nothing to damage de Babalon's "one to watch" status through a clutch of EPs on his own Cross Fade Enter Tainment imprint and Digital Hardcore; his debut LP, If You're Into it, I'm Out of It was released in 1997. ~ Andy Kellman