10 Songs, 42 Minutes


About Deiseal

Based in Dublin, Eire, the folk trio Deiseal (Gaelic for ‘following the sun’) comprised Cormac Breatnach (low whistle), Niall O’Callanain (bouzouki) and Paul O’Driscoll (bass/double bass). Their influences ranged from jazz to African as well as Irish music. Before the group Breatnach was already a well-known figure on Irish television and radio and had previously played with Donal Lunny, the Celtic Orchestra and Meristem. Niall O’Callanain, a school friend of Breatnach, also played in Meristem, as well as producing Lorraine Jordan’s album, Grazy Guessing Games, writing a bouzouki tuition book and featuring in bands led by Lunny and even James Last. The Long Long Note, recorded in late 1992 to accompany Deiseal’s German tour, is a fine selection of imaginatively arranged traditional songs and original compositions. It was awarded Germany’s Golden Fiddle Award for best folk album despite the fact that there was actually no fiddle-playing on it.



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