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Initially, the band was a trio formed by Boero, Mazzoglio, and Gardino with some influence from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but more classic. Then, Vevey and Gaviglio joined the band and they spent two years playing and composing songs for an album. So, with everything almost ready, the band invited vocalist Basso. A demo tape was recorded and it was shown to several record companies. Instead of the good material, they become afraid to release it because in that period (beginning of 1977) prog rock was no more in vogue.

So, the Greek producer Niko Papathanassiou (brother of Vangelis) heard the compositions and opened the paths for Locanda to Polydor. In 1977, they recorded Forse le Lucciole Nonsi Amino Piú in three weeks and the LP had a good reception. In the next year, the band released a CD and a mini-LP, but they weren't very progressive, so they disbanded. In 1980, with the name Locanda, they formed after the end of Locanda Delle Fate and another CD was released.

In 1988, in Japan, and 1993, in Korea, Forse... was released on CD with bonus tracks. Also in 1993, the Italian label Mellow released a live CD of a show recorded in 1977 with an unreleased track called "La Giostra."

Surprising the prog rock scene, the band came back in 1999 without Basso on voice and released Homo Homini Lupus. ~ Cesar Lanzarini

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