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An Irish comedian, musician, and impressionist, Mario Rosenstock was one of the key members in the Irish radio comedy show Gift Grub. The social, political, sport, and cultural satire show featured Rosenstock as a gifted impressionist whose send-ups of such political figures as Bertie Ahern, Gerry Adams, actor Colin Farrell, and sports legends Roy Keane (a former Manchester United captain) and Jose Mourinho won Rosenstock a good bit of national attention. In fact, his Jose Mourinho was good enough to win the actual Chelsea Football Club manager's blessing to release a parody of said manager as a single. The popularity of the show Gift Grub led to a number of compilation releases, first starting shortly after the show's debut in 1999, and in 2007 Gift Grub released its eighth album, The G Factor. ~ Chris True

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