Struck Down

Erie, PA's Struck Down formed in 2004, comprised of Gabriel Poland (vocals), Jameson Jenkins (guitar, vocals), Josiah Poland (guitar), Adam Greenman (bass), and Raymond Horton (drums). The bandmembers came together from other area groups initially as a side project and quickly wrote a two-song demo, Erie Hardcore Go! As fall became winter, Struck Down began playing more shows as issues with their other bands caused members to leave or the groups to dissolve altogether. Consequently, Struck Down began writing and playing more seriously as a unit, and the guys entered the studio to record an album in February 2005. Struck Down signed with Indianola Records that July, and their debut, Revolution, was issued in January 2006. The album offered positive, classicist hardcore verging on straight-edge ideals. School commitments caused Greenman to depart the group that February. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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