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Vietnom play an aggressive style of metallic New York City hardcore driven by a hip-hop-like two-man vocal delivery, pile-driving riffs, and percussive, mosh pit-inducing rhythms. The band fully represents the long-running DMS Crew -- a loose-knit coalition of bands, promoters, street toughs, and friends who support one another -- that includes members of Agnostic Front, H20, Son of Skam, and other acts. The band endorses all of the pursuits typically covered lyrically by fellow DMS bands Skarhead and Madball: pursuits such as drugs, money, and sex. Vietnom is not named for the once war-torn nation, but for its frontman, graffiti artist Nom One. Flanked by his partner in crime Scorcese (who shares vocal duties), Nom formed the band to get a few things off of his chest. Guitar player AK Ray 47 is the other consistent member of the group, with the rhythm section evolving regularly over a pair of hard-hitting releases on the Uprising label. Strictly the Real came first in 2000, an EP that introduced the world to the New York City band. After the EP's release, Vietnom spent a lot of time getting together Death Is the Outcome, their full-length debut, enlisting the help of guest stars Ezec of Skarhead and Freddy Madball. ~ Ryan J. Downey

    New York, NY

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