Based on true events, "The Mothman Prophecies" is a compelling, heart-pounding, bone-chilling thriller that will jolt you off your seat! Driven to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his wife's death, John Klein uncovers chilling secrets behind The Mothman, a timeless, nameless horror whose appearance spells doom for all those who see it. Klein discovers a connection between the supernatural being and the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where he find a community paralyzed by fear. Townsfolk are plagued by strange visions, terrifying premonitions and the feeling that something is watching them, waiting for disaster to strike. As events unravel they reveal a phenomenon so electrifying and disturbing, it will leave you chilled to the core. If you see it, are you safe? If you don't... are you next?

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1 Rating


Psychological thriller may deeply upset some kids.

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