English Grammar Test features:

- 1000 English grammar questions (tenses, spelling, antonyms, synonyms, articles and prepositions);
- 2000 English words used in daily life;
- No internet connection needed after install;
- 160 English lessons such as:

- 38 grammar lessons;
- 61 vocabulary lessons;
- 40 reading lessons;
- 21 speaking lessons.

- 20 tests with each test having 30 grammar questions per test;
- Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal achievements. Can you collect each Gold medal ?

- Test results at the end of every test;
- Wrong Answer’ list after each test, so that you revise your weak points;
- Check your progress with Evolution Table;

This is a 2 in 1 grammar app since it also offers you the possibility to learn the basics of English language through its Learning section.

If you are interested in Learning English and afterwards practice your grammar for Ielts, Toefl, ESL, British Council exams or any other English grammar proficiency test then you came to the right place.

English Grammar Test is a great free education app which can help you expand your English vocabulary.
For example we do not write gramer, grammer, gramar or grammer but grammar.

It is great for beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate or advanced students as it covers a lot of the English curriculum.

Percentage result needed for each medal:
- Gold > 90%
- Silver > 50 %
- Bronze > 0%

Still not convinced ? Then please read our user reviews just below this description :-)

So, are you ready to learn English grammar, expand your vocabulary and afterwards test your English grammar?

Get in touch with us anytime, anywhere and for any reason :-)
- labsterzz@gmail.com
- facebook.com/LABsterzz
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- plus.google.com/communities/108779432287948193817

Good luck !
LABsterzz Team

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Minor bug fixes.

Thank you for using our app :-)

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99 रेटिंग

Easy to develop


Easy to develop in English an effective way. I felt that it needs more story and vocabulary section. Possible to reduce this application cost and Add voice program.


King Darwish

Everyone must have this app . If he/she wants to do good in competitive exams.



It's very helpful please try


Bogdan Covaci
42.3 MB
iOS 8.0 या बाद का संस्करण आवश्यक है। iPhone, iPad और iPod touch के लिए संगत है।
उम्र रेटिंग
रेटिंग 4+
© Covaci Bogdan
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