Google Play Music gives you millions of songs and thousands of playlists for any situation. Powered by Google, we serve up music based on where you are and why you’re listening, getting smarter and more assistive as we get to know your tastes. Subscribe to create playlists, listen offline, and play over 40 million songs ad-free.

Free features:
*Radio based on songs, artists, and albums, plus thousands of playlists hand-crafted by music experts (free in the U.S. and Canada; requires subscription elsewhere)
*Recommendations based on taste, activity, mood, location, and more
*Storage and streaming for up to 50,000 songs from your personal collection, at no cost

Subscription features:
*Ad-free, uninterrupted listening
*On-demand access to over 40 million songs
*Offline listening
*The family plan, where up to six family members get Google Play Music for one low price (where available)

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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संस्करण 3.44.1001

- Bug fixes

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546 रेटिंग

Love this but...😶


I really love this and I could give you the 5 stars but I just can’t because there’s something missing i need the most, I uploaded all my 4.5k songs from pc through “Google Play Manager” so now i can listen any songs i want which sometimes not available in Apple Music and it would be more great if users can see the tags, isn’t it. Well in my case its “embedded lyrics” why can’t i see my tagged lyrics in my music huhhhh
And you know at least Apple Music let us see our tagged lyrics when i add songs so, then why can’t you🙁
Please add that feature let us see the tags too it won’t be big deal for you, right🙏
And one more question please i mostly have a M4A file format songs and when I uploaded them on Google Play i saw they converted into MP3 why?

Good one compared to Indian streaming services

Saradhi Salem

Good one. I like this over Apple Music. I’ve uploaded all of my previous mp3 to the cloud via Music Manager app in my PC. And I can hear any song I want to with just a search. International tracks are not available in the charts but I need to search . Anyway I’m happy.



I really love the app. I can find most of the songs and albums I need. But, Where's the lyrics? Seriously Google, you're lagging behind with this tiny little option.


Google, Inc.
97.1 MB
iOS 8.2 या बाद का संस्करण आवश्यक है। iPhone, iPad और iPod touch के लिए संगत है।
अंग्रेज़ी,अरबी,इंडोनेशियाई,इतालवी,कैटलन,कोरियाई,क्रोएशियन,ग्रीक,चेक,जर्मन,जापानी,डच,डैनिश,तुर्की,थाई,नार्वेजियन,पारंपरिक चीनी,पुर्तगाली,पोलिश,फ़िनिश,फ़्रेंच,मलेय,यूक्रेनियाई,रूसी,रोमानियाई,वियतनामी,सरलीकृत चीनी,स्पैनिश,स्लोवाक,स्वीडिश,हंगेरियन,हीब्रू
उम्र रेटिंग
निम्नलिखित के लिए 12+ रेटिंग :
कभी-कभी/सौम्य परिपक्व/विचारोत्तेजक थीम
कभी-कभी/सौम्य ग्राफ़िक लैंगिक कॉन्टेंट और नग्नता
कभी-कभी/सौम्य शराब, तम्बाकू या ड्रग का उपयोग या संदर्भ
कभी-कभी/सौम्य दूषित या अशिष्ट हास्य
यह ऐप खुले न होने पर भी आपके स्थान का उपयोग कर सकता है जिसके कारण बैटरी का जीवनकाल कम हो सकता है।
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