Blizzard’s award-winning card battler – experience the magic, mischief and mayhem with your friends.

Requires an Internet connection and iPhone 5, iPod touch 6th Generation, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or newer.


Pick up your cards and throw down the gauntlet! In Hearthstone, you play the hero in a fast-paced, whimsical card game of cunning strategy. In minutes, you’ll be unleashing powerful cards to sling spells, summon minions, and seize control of an ever-shifting battlefield. Whether it’s your first card game or you’re an experienced pro, the depth and charm of Hearthstone will draw you in.

JUMP RIGHT IN: Fun introductory missions bring you into the world of Hearthstone’s intuitive gameplay.

BUILD YOUR DECK: With hundreds of additional cards to win and craft - your collection grows with you.

HONE YOUR SKILLS: Play in practice matches against computer-controlled heroes of the Warcraft universe. Thrall, Uther, Gul’dan - they’re all here!

COLLECTION TRAVELS WITH YOU: Your card collection is linked to your Battle.net account - enabling you to switch your play between tablet and desktop with ease.

AND FIGHT FOR GLORY: When you’re ready, step into the Arena and duel other players for the chance to win awesome prizes!

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Languages Supported:
* English
* Français
* Deutsch
* Español (Latinoamérica)
* Español (Europa)
* Italiano
* Português
* Polski
* Русский (Russian)
* 한국어 (Korean)
* 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)
* 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
* 日本語 (Japanese)
* ไทย (Thai)

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क्या नया है

संस्करण 11.1.24377

In this small update, we’re changing a pair of Battlecry animations and tuning Arena draft rates.

Read on for details!

* Doubled the speed of Shudderwock’s Battlecry animation.
* Shudderwock now reproduces a maximum of 20 Battlecries.
* Doubled the speed of Lifedrinker’s Battlecry animation.
* Updated the appearance rate of cards to improve class balance by win percentage. For example, Paladin had a higher than average win rate, and should now be closer to average.
Bug Fixes
* Corrected the art on the Soul Assimilation Monster Hunt card.

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5 में से 4.4

56 रेटिंग

56 रेटिंग

संपादकों की पसंद

Blizzard’s first iOS game takes the form of a wonderfully robust card battler. Hearthstone's gameplay strikes an enchanting balance—it's easy enough for anyone to pick up in short sessions, yet deep enough to keep the experience feeling fresh. Whether you're practising against the computer or creating your own intricate deck of minions, Hearthstone gleams with the polish of premier development.

Not able to download.


Hello blizzard. I just started playing this game in PC and just noticed that there is also a mobile version of that game but am unable to download it though I have around 5gb space. Please fix that issue as many are facing the same problem. But I really like this so far in PC and I really wanna lay on the go.

Strategic masterpiece

+ Assassin 5 +

If you’re looking for something that’ll test your strategic mind,this game is the best choice. Initially you’ll win wuite a few games but then you’ll have to build your own deck to compete with other players.
I would recommend this to anyone over an IQ of 130.


Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
3.2 GB
iOS 8.0 या बाद का संस्करण आवश्यक है। iPhone, iPad और iPod touch के लिए संगत है।
अंग्रेज़ी,इतालवी,कोरियाई,जर्मन,जापानी,पारंपरिक चीनी,पुर्तगाली,पोलिश,फ़्रेंच,रूसी,सरलीकृत चीनी,स्पैनिश
उम्र रेटिंग
निम्नलिखित के लिए 12+ रेटिंग :
कभी-कभी/सौम्य शराब, तम्बाकू या ड्रग का उपयोग या संदर्भ
कभी-कभी/सौम्य कार्टून या काल्पनिक हिंसा
कभी-कभी/सौम्य दूषित या अशिष्ट हास्य
कभी-कभी/सौम्य डरावनी/डर थीम
कभी-कभी/सौम्य परिपक्व/विचारोत्तेजक थीम
© 2018 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.
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  1. Arena Admission ₹ 159
  2. Arena Admission ₹ 159
  3. Bundle of 7 Classic Packs ₹ 799


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