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Securely backup your mobile data with private key encryption – the highest level of data security available – so only you can access your files. You can backup multiple devices to one account, and sync files across devices to access your data from anywhere.

IDrive for iOS is the winner of PCMag Editors’ Choice Award.

"There's a heck of a lot to like about IDrive ... it can do things that none of the alternatives can." - PC Mag, September 2013

• Backup and restore contacts, photos, videos, and calendars with a single tap.
• Easily sync files between all linked devices.
• Link your devices to a single account and access data from anywhere.
• Selectively backup and restore files.
• Share files and folders over a single, secure link.
• Automatic upload option protects photos and videos as soon as they are taken via Wi-Fi or cellular data.
• Gallery View allows you to easily slide through pictures and videos.
• The People section displays backed up photos, organized via facial recognition.

Security features:
• Private key encryption ensures only you have access to your data.
• Lock app with a passcode.
• Easily unlink devices, which are lost or stolen.

क्या नया है

संस्करण 4.5.7

Bug fixes.

We update the app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you.

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People section

Works really well. Devs did a great job in facial recognition


problem backing up photos.

the number of photos being backed up does not go above 114 and the app crashes after reaching this number of photos.

Anand M C

Still needs improvement

After the app was upgraded, all the settings were changed to default.
1) For example, the upload quality changed to Good and not Original (which I had earlier in the previous version of the app). Worst thing is that there was no intimation from the app about the reset of these settings. If I hadn’t noticed it, I would’ve lost all my picture/video quality, since I usually delete the library content after the upload is complete. Why would anyone pay USD 70 a year and upload low quality photo / video? For that, one could very well use Google photos, which offers unlimited good quality uploads for free.
2) Also, the app doesn’t support video streaming. If I have to watch a video, it first downloads the full video and then only it plays the video. If one is on data network, it’s too difficult to wait for the video to load fully. It would be a good idea to implement to video streaming option so that without wasting lot of cellular data one could watch the videos and also forward/rewind to the specific times on a video.
3) The app pin was also reset. Ideally it should’ve asked for the app pin while accessing the after upgrading it. Instead the app allowed me to open the app and view the content. So when I tried to set up pin, it allowed me to set pin newly. The app didn’t check whether the pin is already set up for the account or not. I also had Touch ID enabled earlier and that was also turned off. This is a serious problem in my point of view. I am not sure how secure the data will be!
4) After upgrading the app, I enabled background upload. To my surprise, the app turned it off. I am not sure how it happened.
5) Lastly, the server response time is not that great. This is not just related to the app alone, even the web version also require betterment in terms of response time. I have used 200 mbps fiber internet, a typical DSL line (40 mbps), and on mobile 4G data connection. All connections had the same response time while using the web version or app. I tried from India. I am not particularly worried about the latency issue of ~230 ms and it is purely server responsiveness issue.


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iOS 11.0 या बाद का संस्करण आवश्यक है। iPhone, iPad और iPod touch के लिए संगत है।
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रेटिंग 4+
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