Topps® KICK® 2018: Football Card Trader is the official digital card trading app of the Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Major League Soccer, with 70+ licensed clubs and over 700 players. Join fans from around the world for the KICK 2018 Season!

New Features!
• BEST XI - Collect, build, and play with your favorite football stars in KICK Best XI a new way to collect your favorite football stars in KICK 18. This brand new feature is a turn-based mini game that focuses on the tactics of moving the ball up and down the pitch and scoring goals.
• COLLECTION CHASE - Collecting gets on form in KICK 18! Chase your favorite players to work your way up the ladder, unlocking new sets and earning progressive rewards as you go. This new way to collect promises an experience which is both deeply engaging and highly rewarding for rookies and seasoned veterans alike.
• GOLDEN GOAL - Golden Goal is an all or nothing luck of the draw card game that allows you to win free coins and cards. Look for bigger coin rewards and collectible cards.

Classic Features!
• CONSISTENT RELEASE OF NEW CARDS: new series, artworks, and editions of cards released every week including limited cards that indicate the card circulation number.
• Get FREE CARDS AND COINS every day!
• LIVE CONTESTS: compete with other players to win rewards in contests that last from one match to an entire week. Our improved “flow of the game” scoring system allows users to predict momentum changes, swap cards in their starting XI, and feel the excitement of every touch, pass, tackle, shot, and goal.
• CARD EXCHANGE: trade in low-level cards for a higher boosted variant of the same player!
• STORE DESIGNS that hold unique offers and special packs. Collect nearly 100 different art styles and designs.
• Join the best community of football card collectors in the world! CHAT WITH PLAYERS around the world in the Fan Feed and propose trades!

KICK 2018 has the best football card collecting community in the world! Execute major trades between Premier League, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Major League Soccer.
Collect Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, Neymar, Wayne Rooney, Sergio Agüero, Thomas Muller or David Villa!

*For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to iOS 11.0.0 or later. *

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संस्करण 8.5.10

Bug Fixes

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It's a addictive game. The amazing card design . Chasing sets ,awards everything is very very addictive .Once you are in it, there is no coming out. The chase during the weeks and the joy of getting your favourite cards is what keeps the game going . Do not miss out . You should give it a try and I am sure you would love it .

Fan name : SAHILMAXI

5 stars


This is an amazing start for soccer fans and it's 100 times better than fantasy premier league I m loving it and it is based on the live game you can change your players everyday no limits in this league and full of fun . Salute to the developers .

What a game!

Fan name-SAVANI

This game is really a great game. I would give it more better ratings than FIFA 17 ultimate team because it's simple and fun to play. I love the feature of trading with people so you can know more about them and get the card you want.
Great game and a huge thumbs up!


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324.5 MB
iOS 8.0 या बाद का संस्करण आवश्यक है। iPhone, iPad और iPod touch के लिए संगत है।
उम्र रेटिंग
निम्नलिखित के लिए 12+ रेटिंग :
कभी-कभी/सौम्य नकली जुआ
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  1. Managers Offer!! ₹ 299
  2. Banana Kick Offer!! ₹ 399
  3. Crowd Cheer Offer!! ₹ 799


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