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संस्करण 5.4.2

This release of the TED app is focused on stability and adding support for the new iPad Pro. Here's the full lowdown:

- We now natively support the new iPad Pro models.
- There were a few rendering issues with our new audio player, so we rendered them obsolete!
- The audio player now properly formats the time remaining and elapsed based on your current location.
- We now do a better job of cleaning up after ourselves when you switch subtitle languages.
- There was a comical amount of spacing between action buttons on the content detail screens. Our designers didn't see the humor though, so we fixed it.
- The list of subtitle languages under Settings is now alphabetized by your current location.
- We fixed a few different crashes you reported on iOS 12. If you're still seeing issues, please contact us!

We hope you enjoy the new release. If you run into any issues or have general feedback on our app, email us at contact@ted.com.

ps. We don't prompt you for a review in the app because we don't want to take away from your time with our speakers. However, if you are enjoying TED for iOS, please take a moment to rate and review us on the App Store. It really helps us out!

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Independent ted talks

Well,I’m one of the huge fans of ted talks. Yet, I would like to draw attention to the fact that not all the ted talks are available here. Independently organized ted events’ talks are also nothing short of awesome so I would like them also to be integrated in this app. Hope ted team will look into this!


It’s awesome to have TED in my mobile

I am a frequent listener to TED talks and I hardly wanted to have platform where I can get all the TED talks varied in different categories. This app full fills my desire. Thanks for the app developers and TED. I really liked the option Listen which allows us just to listen to the talks.


It’s just awesome

Thank you ted talks for the app, TED Talks become even more close to me with the The app. I just loved it. I’m able to getting every video I want at one place. Even the options in App are indeed helpful for many, Especially the one surprise me. Thank you team 😊


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अंग्रेज़ी,अरबी,इतालवी,कोरियाई,चेक,जर्मन,जापानी,डच,तुर्की,पारंपरिक चीनी,पुर्तगाली,पोलिश,फ़्रेंच,रूसी,रोमानियाई,सरलीकृत चीनी,स्पैनिश,स्वीडिश,हंगेरियन,हीब्रू
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