Creating music is so much more than getting the rhythm, beat or melody right. It is an emotional experience, an amalgamation of all the experiences and influences that a musician goes through in his life. So it’s very right to say, life inspires music. Salim-Sulaiman are a modern day proof of this. They are one of India’s most loved musical duo, with a vast experience of 25 years and more. Their songs and melodies have been awarded frequently and are very much on the favorites list of the movie going audiences, within India and across the world. With a fan base like this, a tribute to the fans was overdue. Shukranallah is a musical documentary that follows the two brothers, Salim and Sulaiman Merchant as they journey across the globe, touring and playing back some of their most loved music live and in person for their fans. Through the journey we see the preparations, the euphoria, the trials and tribulations that they go through, just to be able to pay back the love the fans have showed them over the years. It is through this journey that we not only get closer to the Salim-Sulaiman brand of music but also get to know them personally as people, who like everyone else have their own aspirations, struggles and dreams. An ode to their fans and to the Almighty. Shukranallah

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