The Wishing Tree, a 6000 year old witness to life on earth, stands dormant and silent, unable to fulfill its destiny. For over a thousand years, no-one has come even close, let alone to make a wish! When 12 year old overweight Nikita's life begins to turn out of control, she escapes into the forest to meet a mystic gypsy woman, who speaks to her about burning forests and choked rivers - as she intensely peers into a large burnt book, the pages reveal the burning forests, as the pages burn at same time as the forests do, smoke emanates and warns of the natural disasters to come... Nikita's life is mystically enjoined with four others - witty Dhanua, a village runaway, who works at the local eatery. Dyslexic Sean, who must come to terms with his separating parents. Eleven year old Fatima, whose obsession with Bollywood is driving her father insane and Guriqbal who must steal and store away stuff for a time when his parents turn really poor. On the most hurtful day of Nikita's life, the mystic woman tells her the story of the 'The Wishing Trees that beckon those who can have faith in their powers. As the 'The Wishing Tree' returns to life, infused with the faith of the children, the test of friendship is yet to come..

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2 Ratings


Kids unite to save magical tree in odd, overlong tale.

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