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About Chacal & Yakarta

A poet with many of his lyrics recorded by famous artists, Chacal lived in London, England, and Lisbon, Portugal, from 1972 to 1973. He was a member of the group Nuvem Cigana, formed by poets, musicians, and artists. The group staged several underground acts called Artimanhas in universities during the 70s. Chacal also published several books of chronicles and poems. In 1978 he participated indirectly in the formation of the Brazilian rock that appeared in the 80s, co-writing the play Aquela Coisa Toda with the group Asdrúbal Trouxe o Trombone. As a lyricist, Chacal has co-written with Moraes Moreira: "Revoada," "Meio-Fio," "Leontina," and "Fogo-Fátuo." Lulu Santos interpreted "Você Teima" (also co-written by Santos) on his LP O Ritmo do Momento. Blitz included "Volta ao Mundo," "Radioatividade," and "Última Ficha" on its LPs, and Brylho recorded "Em Pé de Guerra." Jards Macalé interpreted "Boneca Semiótica" (co-written by Jards Macalé and Duda Machado), and 14 Bis registered "Xadrez Chinês." "A Lata" (co-written by Fernanda Abreu and Marcos Suzano) was recorded by Fernanda Abreu on her CD Da Lata (1995), and, two years later, she interpreted "Raio X" (co-written by Abreu and Chico Neves) on her CD Raio X.

24 May 1951




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