Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and with Bluebird we absolutely believe that. The way in which you browse your timeline and interact with tweets should never be an afterthought, it should look stunning. And it does.

You can go from light to dark as effortlessly as clicking an on-screen button, change tint hues to match any outfit, or cycle through your timelines with your keyboard. It's the same old Twitter, but with a fresh new coat of paint.

Notable features:
• Simple and intuitive to use
• Multiple timelines that can be tweaked to look how you want
• Change theme hues and font sizes
• Beautiful dark mode
• Tweet composition with intuitive tweet character count
• Text styling when composing new tweets (bold, italics, or monospaced)
• Insert ASCII faces in tweets
• View users' mentions and liked tweets
• View blocked and muted users
• Local and global trends
• User profiles with tweets, lists, mentions, liked tweets, and followers/following
• Mute filters
• Search tweets
• Edit tweets
• Notifications
• Share Extension to share links
• Today Extension to view the top recent tweets at a glance
• Translate tweets and instantly reply to them
• Like, retweet, and quote tweet
• Follow and unfollow users quickly and easily
• Gorgeous in-app images and video content
• Report or block users
• Text selection in timelines
• Share tweets
• Extensive keyboard shortcuts


Versione 1.0.1

• Added a beautiful Share Extension to share links
• Added a gorgeous Today Extension to view the top recent tweets at a glance
• Added user created lists, displayed in the Lists section
• Added the ability to delete tweets
• Added the ability to edit tweets (this deletes and creates a new tweet)
• Added the ability to delete all drafts
• Better full-screen window handling
• Quicker hover animations
• Fixed issue where entering the Messages tab would sometimes crash the app
• Fixed issue where retweets were not rendered correctly in the profile section
• Fixed issue where your lists may have been displayed for other users too
• Fixed crash when searching for tweets
• Other minor fixes and UI tweaks

App Store reviews are immensely helpful. If you think Bluebird is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to write us a review? We'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for using Bluebird! :)


Shihab Mehboob
7.2 MB
Social Network

macOS 10.13 o versioni più recenti, 64-bit processor



Vietato ai minori di 17 anni.
Rara/Moderata violenza realistica
Rara/Moderata dissacrazione e humour nero
Raro/Moderato contenuto relativo ad alcol, tabacco o stupefacenti
Raro/Moderato contenuto adatto a un pubblico adulto
Raro/Moderato contenuto sessuale o nudità
Raro/Moderato contenuto horror/paura
Rara/Moderata violenza in cartoni animati o fantasy
Accesso web senza restrizioni
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