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Write, Type, Record Audio - pinpointing critical items with Flags, Import PDFs, add and take Photos, Share to Dropbox and Evernote and keep it all beautifully organized. With CaptureNotes 2, you'll CAPTURE EVERYTHING in your meetings or lectures.

CaptureNotes 2 lets you take your notes, your way. Select the paper style, font, pen size and color. Audio recording allows you to make the most of the audio portions of your lecture. Take photos with your iPad or import photos from your iPad photo library.

Get to the point by placing FLAGS to cross-reference and review later. Use any number of pre-designed or custom flags to drop wherever you want to make a special note. FLAGS are TIME-SYNCED to that point of the audio as your take your notes! FILTER FLAGS allows you to go back and find all notes and audio recording that correlate to your dropped flags, making your review time as fast and efficient as possible!

With the release of V2.0, CaptureNotes 2 becomes a sharing powerhouse... Users can share Binders and Notebooks via Email, Evernote, iTunes or Dropbox.  All elements captured within any Notebook can be shared -- audio, typing, drawing, photos, Flags, PDF imports, etc. A shared Notebook can be viewed by any other user of CaptureNotes 2, V2.0 exactly as you have created them.

We have implemented a PIN based security locking system, that operates on the App or Binder level. You can set CaptureNotes 2 to require a PIN each time it enters the foreground (App Lock), or require the PIN only on specific Binders.

CaptureNotes 2 supports importing PDFs from Dropbox, Evernote and Open In… You can take notes directly on imported PDFs, use the Highlighter as you would on paper and enjoy the benefit of being able to place Flags on the PDFs to link the audio recording! Any Notebook can be uploaded directly to Evernote for storage, reviewed off the iPad and even shared with your team or classmates.

Your notes are managed in elegant, customized notebooks and binders, with thumbnail views for easy navigation. Sort by name, date or manually--whichever suits your needs. Notebook in the wrong Binder? No problem—it’s simple to move it to the proper Binder.

With the new Search Tool you can quickly locate a Notebook by Keywords, Flags and Dates. Any typed words in your Notebook will be found, as well as Notebook Names, Subtitles and Keyword Notes. You'll be presented with a graphical presentation of the Notebook with a smaller Binder to easily differentiate on more common searches. You can even search for a specific Flag type, and easily turn on and off Filters to narrow or broaden your search.

This is a fantastic new addition to CaptureNotes 2... At any point in a Notebook you can insert a Template-formatted single page, or have the Template style repeated for the remainder of the Notebook. We've started out with 5 Template styles well suited for professionals and students alike. The Templates maintain the page color style, while applying organizational format, and they are simple to insert from the Page Style Tool.

Dropbox and iTunes for are available for easy, secure storage of all your Notebooks and Binders.

Feedback, suggestions or love notes… please contact us. We highly value our users and continue to improve the app based upon your feedback!

Capture Everything…with CaptureNotes


Versione 2.4.3

* Bug fixes

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App di questo tipo ne ho comprate quasi tutte. Sono ancora alla ricerca di quella giusta. Questa è veramente pensata bene e abbastanza originale in alcuni aspetti. Darei 5 stelle ma lo scopo principale di questa app dovrebbe essere la scrittura con uno stylus e proprio qui che cade in trappola. La scrittura è lenta, cioè reattività allo stylus ( jot pro ), ed altrettanto brutta. Secondo me non c'è nessun algoritmo che migliora l'aspetto della scrittura. Ci sarebbero altre cose da aggiungere e migliorare però inutile tutte le possibilità di annotare e registrare quando gli appunti fatti sembrano degli scarabocchi di mio figlio nell'età di tre anni.



Se non si hanno da prendere note "impegnative" e importanti. Inoltre da dropbox si possono solo importare PDF. Ma l'app comunque non permette di esportare note in formato pdf (o altro) al suddetto cloud service. Nell'insieme è un'app abbastanza buona, ma sicuramente da migliorare. A partire dalla reattività alle stylous.


G8R Software LLC
46 MB
Richiede iOS 10.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPad.
Classificazione: 4+
© G8R Software LLC
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