According to the Acupuncture Meridian System, discovered by the first philosophers and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the vital fluid named Qi builds and permeates all things in Nature, shaping minerals, plants and animals. Qi flows within the acupuncture meridian system and related organs with a 24-hour cycle and a 2-hour passage for each meridian/organ, with maximum and minimum peaks. Initially the author drew this diagram for his exclusive use and research, but seen that everyone who saw it asked him to get a copy, he began the procedure of the publication on the smartphone app market. Now it is considered one of the best conceived picture/diagram representing the 24-hour Qi-Flow in the 12 main meridians. Once started, the app rotates till stopping over the slice of the acupuncture meridian, in which the Qi is at its climax, according to the solar time zone of the smartphone country location.
After clicking the icon with yin/yang dolphins, tap the phone to start the app. The figures of the 12 Main Meridians are new and high definition. Scroll and zoom them to see all the points added to the paths.
For each meridian all point names and numbers are listed in a single column. The most useful points are specially marked: xi-cleft points, yuan-source, luo-connection, horary points, meeting of 3 yin and 3 yang of arm and leg, general tonification/sedation, and points to needle with caution. In a special box, four points are suggested for immediate treatment of the patients: the first two: Pain (xi-cleft point) and Lack (yuan-source point) respectively alleviate pain/relieve Qi excess or block of any cause, and fill the void/restore the Qi flow in the concerned channel. The second two points have been chosen according to their good reputation and wide range of functions against illness. Solar (not legal) time zone of the smartphone country location has been applied.The complete collection of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians’ pictures have been also added: Dumai, Renmai, Chongmai, Daimai, Yangqiaomai, Yinqiaomai, Yangweimai and Yinweimai. To open the series tap the button at the top of the meridian slice. For each of them all coalescent points are listed, with mention of special functions. A box recalls the channel with which each one is paired, and the master and coupled points that open it.
Please give the author and developer your opinion, and suggest what you’d like to see refined or added in future updates.
Enjoy your app!


Versione 1.2.0

As problems of Alzheimer disease and memory loss depending on shortness of brain disk capacity are increasing among acupuncturists too J (inserire l'icona di una faccina sorridente), the app has been provided with a front page link "go to all acupuncture points names" to an external page where are listed the initials, numbers and names of all acupuncture points. So, if you don't remember one you can recover it in seconds. Clicking the point you open a windows containing the anatomical coordinates, one image or more, the method of insertion/treatment and therapeutic properties/cautions.

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