Swipe down to instantly know where your loved ones are without having to read confusing maps!

Know when your kids and your elderly come home, leave from school, get to work and are where they are suppose to be. Get real time notifications for when members leave or arrive at designated locations. Keep a long running history of your loved one's locations. Quickly view a current snapshot of where all off your loved ones are. Information is available on the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and from any web browser.

This app can also be used as Lojack for your iPhone or iPad!

Keep a running log of your device's location history! If the phone is lost and out of battery or turned off, you will still have its last known location before the phone lost power.

This application can be used to locate a miss placed iPhone or keep tabs on a loved one. To track your loved one or locate your device, the app must be installed on the target iPhone.

Every time your phone changes cell towers, this application will turn on the GPS for 10 seconds and record the best location that your phone can determine. This location is then made available online and distributed to all your registered devices. Location information can be viewed by logging into your account from any computer or phone that has an internet browser.

* Apple Watch App with Glance
* Today Extension to see where your family is with a quick swipe on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
* Native iPad Support
* Ability to sound an alarm on your device from any computer.
* Ability to send a message with sound to the device.
* Ability to request a location update with a push message.
* Ability to cache locations when network is not available to retransmit later. Great for camping or traveling around the world.
* Ability to record location on every cell phone tower switch.
* Ability to send location even when the application is not running or in the background!
* Ability to forward your location information to your own service.
* Ability to lock the application to prevent the device's user from accessing your account.
* Ability to keep track of and graph your phone's battery life.
* Can show your locations on top of map tiles.
* Ability to make and receive VOIP calls between devices and from the website.

Unlike other applications, this application has been well thought out to provide you EXACTLY what you need to help you locate your device. Whether it is lost near by or stolen you have all the tools available. This application was developed with user feedback in mind. If someone has not asked for what you want we will do our best to meet your needs!

The application reports your device's location to a central server that you can log in to from your browser to track your device's location. This is done without decreasing your device's battery life or performance.

Once the application has been configured it will report your device's location every time your iPhone connects to a new cell tower. The application continues to report even after it has been closed and removed from the multitasking bar.

*NOTE* This application will report in the background ONLY on devices that support multitasking!

The service lets you specify custom URLs which get polled every time your device checks in with the service. You can use this feature to post your location in a blog or just to keep a long running record of your travels on your own web server.

This service is provided AS IS. No guarantees are made that this service will help you locate your device. No guarantees are made that the service will be available at all times.

Proper configuration is required to make full use of this service.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Your feedback is welcome.


Versione 2.0.2

- Fixed an important bug to improve location accuracy

2.0 Major Update!
- Added UI for Recent Activity, Devices, Places and Location History
- Added Watch App to view Activity, Devices and Places
- Added Watch App Glance to see where your family is with a raise of a wrist
- Added Today Extension to see where your family is with a quick swipe on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
- Added Native iPad Support

Valutazioni e recensioni



Funziona veramente molto bene.
A volte non prende bene la spedizione di messaggi push verso l'iPhone, ma la geolocalizzazione remota va benissimo!

Manca la possibilità di settare i parametri dall'iPhone e manca nella parte web il refresh automatico della mappa e dati in tempo reale.

Buono se lo perdi ma se te lo rubano...


Il programma fa quello che dice ma ovviamente come al solito se chi lo trova lo chiude te lo scordi!!! possibile non si riesca a fare un'applicazione che quantomeno rimane aperta in incognito in background?

Se si avviasse sempre in automatico e rimanesse invisibile in background sarebbe da 5 stelle

Funzionamento insolito, nessuna possibilita' di eliminare o modificare e-mail account!


La rilevazione della posizione e' molto imprecisa, l'allarme acustico remoto funziona solo con l'applicazione aperta!!!
Ossia se ti rubano l'iPhone devi sperare che quel farabutto ti apra l'applicazione su centinaia installate, ridicolo!!!
Poi su molte prove che ho fatto, neanche il 50 per cento perche' si scollega l'account e bisogna reinserire la password, cosa ancora piu' incredibile perche' quel furfante di prima dovrebbe anche inserire la mia password per farmi sapere dove e'.


eParty llc
28.6 MB
Richiede iOS 9.3 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Classificazione: 4+
Questa app potrebbe usare la tua posizione anche quando non è aperta, facendo diminuire l’autonomia della batteria.
© 2013 eParty llc
3,49 €
Acquisti in-app
  1. Unlock VOIP 3,49 €
  2. Location History for 1 Year 10,99 €
  3. 50 Minutes 2,29 €


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