Learn Spanish language words as simple as children do and keep flow your uniqueness during conversation.

7 reasons, why to learn with doMind

1. With doMind you learn new foreign language words on the same way, how children learn their mother tongue.

2. The most effective way of learning is playing the game.
But what is the game? Definition of the game published on Wikipedia: “A game is structured playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.“ While you play with your friends, your vocabulary is growing.

3. doMind is a very efective tool, because during the game the player is maximally concentrated.

4. Your progress can be tested by special test tools in doMind anytime you wish. These tools verify your progress and warn you about problematic words.

5. doMind is easy with your friends. Play with friends, parents, children or grandparents and learn few new words in foreign language.

6. We don’t always have a sparring partner to play with, so for this case in doMind we created robots with a special forgetting algorithm. Marvin, Greg, Paul and Sheldon are ready for a good game.

7. You can configure doMind to the smallest details easily. Set up your favourite background, choose the game board, select categories of the words and players. Everything is intuitive and logical. We wanted to create friendly virtual environment, where user feels comfortable and motivated.

• searching word pairs as "image - text" while you hear a correct pronunciation
• 2 iOS Spanish speech speakers (Spain, Mexico)
• FREE Fruits words pack
• 13 word packs with overall 800 words available thru In-App purchase
• customisable game board for word pairs (from 3x2 to max 8x8 )
• customisable game board for tests (from 2 answers to max 10 answers)
• compare your test scores with other players
• create custom players e.g. family members
• 4 robot players with deferent levels
• all the pictures used in doMind were created with iPhone and edited with iPad.
• 14 customisable backgrounds with possibility to add new from device photo library


Versione 1.0.7

• Support for iPad Pro 12,9


JoyApps s.r.o.
77.3 MB
Richiede iOS 8.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
Classificazione: 4+
© JoyApps s.r.o.
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